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Factor Detector Puzzles

Help students learn their multiplication facts by solving fun puzzles. Place two numbers in each row and column so they multiply to give the products shown. Get our first Factor Detector Puzzle Booklet as a free download.

Free Fraction Assistant

Fraction Assistant supports learners to build number sense with fraction addition, subtraction and comparison. Fraction strips slide to show equivalent fractions with a common denominator.

Fraction Assistant is currently offered as a free download, including a lesson plan.

Stats and Maths Videos

Creative Maths and Dr Nic have a range of popular videos to help learn and teach statistics and mathematics.

Our videos range from university statistics to maths for adults to spreadsheets for everyone to counting videos for new entrants. 


  • Maths Team
    Nic organised a fantastic presentation which prompted our staff members to reflect on their own maths practice and confidence. Her extensive knowledge and ability to synthesise the latest research made her talk easy to implement on a practical day to day basis. We have especially enjoyed trying out her maths games and lessons in class.
    Maths Team
    Blockhouse Bay Intermediate
  • Teacher
    I have a year two student who has been struggling with reading, general engagement and math. All of my children have loved the dragon cards but she has adored it. She will sit next to me and I pretend to be too busy to be able to read the sheets or cards, she figures it out and gets really deep in the investigation. She has been teaching other children and asking them really good leading questions. I hear the children saying things like with 25 cards my results were..., what if we had 25 other cards or 50 cards etc It is so exciting!
    Moturoa School
  • Candice Ricketts
    Thank you for being willing to share your methods and explanations. I have taken 3 college level stats courses (2 in undergrad and 1 for my MBA), and this the first time I'm able to truly grasp basic concepts in statistics so that I could explain to someone else. You should teach professors how to teach this subject.
    Candice Ricketts
  • Julie Maxwell
    I thought it went extremely well and that all the teachers enjoyed it and benefited from it. The fact that people stayed so long after was evidence they appreciated the chance to talk together and learn from each other.
    Julie Maxwell
    St Thomas of Canterbury College
  • Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards
    Dragonisitics data cards have engaged all students at all levels of my maths in my classroom. The cards are interesting and have a range of attributes for the students to work with. The subject specific vocabulary that students were able to use when discussing the cards was a huge improvement to what it had been before their use. I highly recommend the use of these cards for posing open ended problems involving statistical data. Students ask to use them, which in years 7 & 8 is huge. They motivate the students to engage in their learning.
    Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards
    Kaitao Middle School
  • Vicky Binedell
    The videos are useful for students so that they can access the learning at any time and any place, information sheets are good, quizzes are extremely useful and if used well by students they are an excellent learning tool.
    Vicky Binedell
    St Cuthbert's College
  • Kalala Raeli
    From what I can see as I observe the students, they are always talking to each other and helping each other out so there is a lot of dialogue going on. Connections is quite interactive. There is a need for them to focus intensively as there are a lot of categories involved. They are always comparing variables using statistical vocabulary.
    Kalala Raeli
    Dargaville Intermediate School
  • Students
    Helpful, well-explained, videos are helpful, good, easy-to-use.
    St Cuthbert's College
  • Amanda Carter
    It has been a non-gender activity with all the class being involved at different times. It has encouraged multi-level learning and lots of problem-solving and discussions. They have adapted traditional games to the cards and incorporated new games with old.
    Amanda Carter
    Pukekohe Intermediate
  • Teacher
    Many of our students are studying subjects independently and for them the Statistics Learning Centre materials are really useful. We also use them a lot in class as they have nice simple explanations of statistics concepts. The quizzes are great to sharpen understanding and there are useful checklists to help students write their assignments.
    Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery
  • Crystal Miller
    Very helpful with my statistics class and these concepts.
    Crystal Miller
  • Rajiv Vinay Sagar N
    Why hasn't anybody suggested this channel? This channel is the best statistics channel that have seen so far. I just love the videos...very well explained...
    Rajiv Vinay Sagar N
  • Student
    Dragonistics is cool. It was fun sorting them with their different attributes and stuff
    Kaitao Middle School
  • Teacher
    StatsLC has been a fantastic resource for our students. The material is engaging and also the most up to date of any other resource we use for teaching NCEA L3 Statistics. The boys love doing the quizzes which give clues and comments if they need help and they really enjoy the videos. The written material (especially on 'newer' concepts such as triangular and uniform distributions) is really helpful to both teachers and students. We also use the videos for our Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA students which enjoy and get good understanding from. They make what can be a difficult topic to teach properly, so much easier to understand with simple and fun everyday examples to get points across.
    A Wellington high school