Spreadsheets for Maths Teachers

Spreadsheets for Maths Teachers

For teachers Year 4 to 10

One of the most common computer apps in use today is the spreadsheet. Many people use spreadsheets in their work for a wide range of uses.

Spreadsheets have the potential to bridge mathematics and computational thinking. Most teachers are aware that spreadsheets help avoid the tedium of graph construction, allowing better statistical analysis. But spreadsheets provide so much more. Providing students with worthwhile tasks to explore using spreadsheets can develop a wide range of maths skills.

Teachers can help their learners gain skills that will be useful all their lives, while improving their maths, and learning computational thinking.

In the free webinar Spreadsheets for Teachers – More Than Graphs Dr Nic presents a range of spreadsheets and rich tasks involving spreadsheets, and answers questions about how to use them.

In the paid webinars Beginning Spreadsheets for Maths Teachers Dr Nic teaches the very basics in spreadsheets. You will gain enough to be able to make some spreadsheets of your own, and use some provided. You will also get some ideas on how to use spreadsheets with your learners.