Primary Statistics with Horizon Content Knowledge

Primary Statistics with Horizon Content Knowledge

For teachers Year 1 to 8

Statistics in the primary curriculum leads to statistical inference and the big ideas of statistics.

At the primary level statistical inference is important horizon content knowledge for teachers. It helps teachers know where the curriculum is leading, encourage thinking that supports the big ideas of statistics, and develop those students who want to go a step further.

This workshop covers the important concepts of statistics and how they can be developed in a primary context.

Participants will take part in an exercise using datacards, aimed at curriculum level 5, which teaches the concept of sampling from a population in order to make an inference about a population parameter. We will also look at what is important at each of the levels of the curriculum from Year 0 to Year 13.

Be ready to ask any sticky statistics questions that may be bothering you.

Dr Nic is known for her active engaging workshops. This is a great opportunity to catch her enthusiasm about statistics, while developing your knowledge and pedagogy.