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Creative Maths now has channel membership on YouTube. Find out how to join.

Creative Maths' Channel

You can watch videos on our Videos Page. On YouTube you can join the channel. You may be asked to sign in or sign up first.


Join to become a member

To become a channel member you join. Membership helps the channel grow. It helps us to help more people like you. Channel membership gives benefits.

  • Access even more content, ad-free, 
  • Vote for which topics we cover, 
  • Receive video answers to your questions, and,
  • Get supporter credit on our videos.

We are so grateful to our channel members! If you use our videos in your teaching, you can say thanks and give support by joining the channel. Membership has a monthly fee.

Sign in or sign up

You can watch a video on YouTube without a YouTube account – just press play. To join a channel as a member you need to sign in to your YouTube account.  If you don't have an account, YouTube will ask you to sign up to create one.