Fund raise selling The Dragon Games — a fun, educational way to help your school.

Schools can now join the Statistics Learning Centre fundraising pilot programme. The programme allows schools to sell the family game The Dragon Games to raise funds for school projects and activities.

The Dragon Games is an educational family game for 2–5 players, ages 7 and up. It involves four fun events, each requiring different skills. As well as being a fun game for all the family The Dragon Games helps to develop fluency in a number of maths skills.

$10 from every game sold goes to the school


As a social enterprise, Statistics Learning Centre reinvests its profits to develop new materials and fund activities to empower all teachers to teach statistics.

Schools sell games for $30 each, keeping $10. Of the remaining $20, $15 covers the cost of production, delivery and handling. The other $5 is reinvested in Statistics Learning Centre to develop more educational materials. The Dragon Games sell in shops $35, so schools and their communities are getting a great deal.

Schools only pay for games after they have already collected the money. All prices include GST.

Schools are encouraged to purchase their classroom copies of The Dragon Games as a part of the fundraiser.

Statistics Learning Centre covers the cost of delivery to North and South Island locations. There may be a surcharge for rural delivery.

There is no minimum order size.


Schools can request to be a part of the pilot programme by contacting us today. Email or call Shane on 021 268 3529. The fundraising works as follows:

  1. Contact us to order your fundraiser pack. This free pack includes order forms and a sample of the game.
  2. You collect orders and payments for the games. The Dragon Games sell for $30 including GST.
  3. Order the games by phone or through our online portal. We invoice you for the games you have sold at $20 each.
  4. Once we have received your payment we dispatch the games and you deliver them to purchasers.
  5. You use the money raised to benefit your school.

To register your interest and for more information contact Shane

Download a copy of our flyer.

My class are LOVING this game. The graphics are amazing and the children are having fun and not even realising that they are actually learning.

Primary school teacher