Supporting your child's maths

Throughout the growth of Creative Maths since 2011, one thing that we regularly hear is that parents want to be involved in their child’s mathematics and statistics learning but are unsure how to do this.

Learners who have fun making connections and are engaged in mathematics at home will embrace the subject with enthusiasm.

Creative Maths helps parents with resources, games and activities for learners of all levels. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest information and updates.

Primary School Learners

Creative Maths helps parents to support and encourage their children in mathematics. Multy Facty is a great game that helps children learn multiplication facts. Family Cat Maths extends the family game The Cat Pack as a fun learning resource suitable for 4-8 year olds. The Dragon Games helps 7-12 year olds practice useful mathematics skills. Sorting, organising and exploring the cards develops mathematical thinking. Our free supporting resources offer a wider range of fun learning activities.

Creative Maths' skip counting videos are great for 3-6 year-olds. They help to form a foundation for learning multiplication.

Leo loved The Dragon Games and we have been playing it most nights.



Secondary School Learners

Creative Maths supports students learning statistics. Statistics Learning Centre courses are designed for students studying NCEA statistics at Levels 1, 2 and 3. They are ideal for scholarship, covering the entire curriculum. Our YouTube channel provides excellent statistics videos, helping students understand concepts. For homeschoolers our Dragonistics data cards  are ideal for learning about sampling and statistical analysis.

Many of our students are studying subjects independently and for them the Statistics Learning Centre materials are really useful. We also use them a lot in class as they have nice simple explanations of statistics concepts. The quizzes are great to sharpen understanding and there are useful checklists to help students write their assignments.


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