Skip Counting Videos

Creative Maths' skip counting videos help children build number knowledge. Here you can find links to the videos with ideas for using the videos and beyond.


Watching the video

Some different ways to watch Creative Maths' skip counting videos:

  • Echo the numbers after Dr Nic.
  • Say the numbers in time with Dr Nic.
  • Turn off the sound to count on your own.
  • Clap after saying each number, twice when counting in twos, etc.
  • Speed up or slow down the video as best suits your needs. 


Find things around the house or classroom that you can skip count: spoons, bowls, marbles, chairs, legs, fingers …

Join in

Send us pictures for the different numbers and we might include them in another skip counting video - and mention your class. Email Dr Nic, if you would like to join in. She will let you know how to share your pictures with us.