Multy Facty

Multy Facty develops an understanding of multiplication and helps embed multiplication facts in a fun, innovative game.

Multy Facty

Have fun learning multiplication facts with Multy Facty. This innovative game is designed to build number sense and multiplication fluency. Multy Facty is great for the classroom or as a family game. Use Multy Facty to spark meaningful discussion about multiplication.

Factor Cards each show one value from 2 to 9. Factors showing the same value are added to form multiples. They can be stacked to show an array matching a multiplication fact. Stacking four Factor 3 cards shows 12 as a 4 by 3 array.

Multiple Cards each show different arrays that match the same multiple. The 16 Multiple Card shows a 2 by 8 array, a 4 by 4 array and an 8 by 2 array. The arrays scaffold multiplication facts. They are displayed on the Multy Facty Multiples Poster, which is a great resource for the classroom.

The Multy Facty print-and-play resource matches the Multy Facty array representation to multiplication facts. You can download the three-times resource for free and purchase the full resource on our shop. It can be used in different ways to develop fluency in multiplication facts. Guess the Multy is a simple online game based on Multy Facty. It is available with other resources for Multy Facty on the Creative Maths Free Resources page.

Multy Facty is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their multiplication facts. It matches New Zealand Curriculum levels 3-4 but can be used for a much wider range of learners.

Multy Facty 2-3-5-10

Multy Facty 2-3-5-10 is a version of Multy Facty that focuses on the factors 2, 3, 5 and 10. Memorising the other multiplication facts is easier when these facts are well known.

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