Innovative and entertaining resources to help develop an understanding of fractions, fraction addition and equivalent fractions.

Fraction Action

Children enjoy learning with this easy-to-learn game. Fraction Action helps to build an understanding of fractions and fraction addition.

Fraction Action develops number sense with fractions. Fraction cards are combined to add up to one. Cards are rotated to change the denominator so they may be added. The card design supports the mathematics by showing fractions using a consistent bar model and including equivalent fractions on the same card. This allows players at different levels to play together and be successful.

The fraction cards can also be used for rich tasks and other classroom activities. The pack includes halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, eighths and tenths.

Fraction Action is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their understanding of fractions. It makes an excellent addition to your classroom or for the family. 

Fraction Videos

Fraction Addition videos cover the process of adding fractions - something many people struggle with. They are aimed at adults, with clear unfussy bar visuals.

The Naming Fractions video names fractions with denominators 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Print-and-play Fraction Bars

The Fraction print-and-play resource matches the Fraction Action bar model representation of fractions. It can be used in different ways to develop fluency in fractions. It is available with other resources for Fraction Action on the Creative Maths Free Resources page.

Print-and-play Fraction Assistant

The Fraction Assistant is a manipulative to help students understand fraction addition and subtraction. Fraction strips slide to show a common denominator. Free lesson plans support its use in the classroom.

Free Resources for Fraction Action