Dragon Cards

Dragonistics data cards provide a wide range of learning opportunities from rich mathematical tasks, to games for fluency, to statistical investigations. The Dragon Games uses the dragon cards in a family game.

Dragonistics Data Cards

Students love learning mathematics and statistics with award winning Dragonistics data cards. Each data card represents a unique dragon with multivariate data. Explore relationships by sorting and organising a set of cards. Tables and graphs can be directly created. Activities practice maths skills such as addition, probability, comparison and problem solving. With Attribute and Value cards, Dragonistics can be used for mathematical activities and games across the curriculum. 

Dragonistics data cards are a versatile teaching tool which can be used in primary (elementary) school, middle school, high school, and for tertiary study. The dataset is designed to produce results similar to real datasets. This allows students to practice statistical investigation, drawing meaningful conclusions. The dataset is rich, allowing for multiple lessons. The data on each dragon card includes:

  • Species
  • Behaviour
  • Gender
  • Dangerous breath type
  • Height
  • Strength
  • Age

Dragonistics can be used with the free mathematics and statistics learning activities, lesson plans and games on the Creative Maths' Free Resource pageDragon Tug-of-War is a print-and-play that can be used as a stand-alone activity or using Dragonistics data cards to form the teams.

For a list of suggested resources to use at different levels, see the Teacher's Resource Guide. A sequence of videos gives more ideas for teaching with Dragonistics data cards.

In the Classroom

Generally we would recommend one box of Dragonistics to a classroom for Years 2-10. For the Curriculum Level 5 and 6 Sampling Lessons, the Sampling Pack, three boxes of Dragonistics, is needed. These can sometimes be shared between classes.

If you plan to use the resource in a games corner, as a station or with small, targeted groups, The Dragon Games can work for a group of four. The Dragon Games will work with many of the activities on our Free Resources page, but is not suitable for whole class lessons or statistics.

Free Resources for Dragon Cards