Cat Maths

Cat Maths cat cards provide a wide range of learning opportunities from counting and sorting activities to games for fluency. The Cat Pack uses the cat cards in a family game pack.

Cat Maths

Cat Maths is an essential early primary resource designed for the classroom. Cat Maths helps children learn and practise early maths skills including ordering, sorting, counting, matching, bigger, smaller, greatest and least, same and different. Your students will enjoy learning maths with these beautifully designed cat cards.

Each cat card represents a unique cat with information about the cat. Count the number of indoor and outdoor cats; the number of  playful or snooty cats. Explore relationships by sorting and organising a set of cards. Activities practice maths skills such as counting, addition, comparison and problem solving.

Cat Maths is a versatile teaching tool. It is most suitable for primary (elementary) school and middle school.

The information on each cat card includes:

  • Name
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Nature
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Number of toys

Cat Maths includes Attribute and Value cards to complement the cat cards. The cards allow many mathematical activities and games across a wide curriculum. Cat Maths can be used with the free learning activities, lesson plans and games on the Creative Maths' Free Resource page.

Cat Toys is a print-and-play that can be used as a stand-alone activity or using Cat Maths cat cards to explore happy, sharing cats. For a list of suggested resources to use at different levels, see the Teacher's Resource Guide. A sequence of videos gives more ideas for teaching with Cat Maths.

Free Resources for Cat Maths