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Creative Maths is excited about the resources we have created and we know you will be too. We create resources and inspiration to empower teachers and learners of mathematics and statistics. Fostering excitement and discovery is what we do best!


Fraction Action

A fun and innovative game that practices fraction addition. The Fraction Action game develops number sense with fractions. Fraction cards combine to add to one. Cards are rotated to show a common denominator.


The Fraction Bar Print-and-Play is a free download based on Fraction Action designed to build fluency in fractions. 

Fraction Assistant is a manipulative to help students understand fraction addition and subtraction. Fraction strips slide to show a common denominator. Free lesson plans support its use in the classroom.

Fraction Videos

Fraction videos help to learn fractions and fraction addition.


Multy Facty

Multy Facty is an innovative game designed to build number sense and multiplication fluency. Use Multy Facty to spark meaningful classroom discussion about multiplication.

Factor Cards match to multiples, building an array. Multiple Cards display possible arrays.

Flexible Fluency

This new range of materials answers the need for engaging activities that develop fluency and conceptual understanding.


With the free Multiplication print-and-play resource students organise the multiplication, array representation and results in different ways to develop fluency.


The Multy Facty Poster displays a multiplication table using the arrays from the Multy Facty multiple cards. A great classroom resource.

Guess the Multy

Guess the Multy is an online game based on Multy Facty. Use it to help learn multiplication facts.

Factor Detector

Factor Detector is a puzzle that helps with learning multiplication facts.

Cat Cards

Have fun learning mathematics with Creative Math’s Cat cards. Cat cards display data about individual cats including colour, nature, toys and age. Cat cards provide an enormous range of learning opportunities including rich tasks, physical graph building, and maths games to build fluency. Cat cards are designed for early primary (elementary) school teaching. For more details see a sample from the Cat Maths Book.

Cat cards can be purchased as three products:

The Cat Pack family game has five easy-to-learn games: Catnapping, Herding Cats, Cat Adoption, Cat Collections and Where Did That Cat Go? They are fun to play and help practise maths.

Cat Maths is a teaching resource designed for new entrant to Year 3 classrooms. Cat Maths includes two copies of The Cat Pack and the Cat Maths Book with additional teaching resources. 

Family Cat Maths is a homeschooling resource based on Cat Maths. Family Cat Maths includes The Cat Pack and the Cat Maths Book with additional teaching resources.

Dragon Cards

Explore the wonders of mathematics and statistics with Creative Math’s Dragon Cards.

Dragon cards display multivariate data about individual dragons including species, behaviour, strength and height. Dragon cards can be used to investigate relationships. Do green dragons tend to be taller than red dragons? Are female dragons more likely to be dangerous than male dragons?

Dragon cards provide a wide range of learning opportunities including rich tasks and maths games to build fluency. Dragon cards are a versatile teaching tool that can be used in primary (elementary) schools, middle schools, high schools, and tertiary study.

Dragonistics data cards are an award winning teaching resource designed for the classroom and home schooling. With our free teaching resources Dragonistics data cards can be used for mathematics and statistics teaching from Years 3 to 13.

This has been the most helpful video to date. I will be subscribing and am feeling much more optimistic about my stats class (my weakest area). Thank you!!!

Tara Palumbo


Statistics and mathematics are surprisingly interesting with Dr Nic. Creative Maths now have over 100 learning videos. Our videos are popular and useful, as we see from the volumes of positive feedback we receive.

Creative Maths videos are used in hundreds of schools, universities and other institutions around the world, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, The Open University in the UK, World Vision and Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu in New Zealand.

Our videos are viewed over two million views each year. That is an excellent reach for a channel dedicated to teaching statistics and mathematics.


Creative Maths’ well-respected blog Learn and Teach Mathematics and Statistics with Dr Nic receives around a thousand views a day.

Through the blog Dr Nic has been helping people learn and teach mathematics and statistics more effectively and more enjoyably since 2010. The blog aims to entertain, inspire and help teachers and learners.

Support from our customers and supporters ensures our blog continues to make a difference. Help us make a world where learning mathematics and statistics is interesting, fun and engaging for all learners.


Free Resources

Creative Maths are proud to provide our free teaching resources and lesson plans for download or online use. Our free resources support teaching and learning in mathematics.

Many of these resources support Dragonistics data cards, Cat Maths or Multy Facty classroom products. Others provide standalone classroom activities.

These free teaching resources cover learning activities and lessons for students from New Entrant to Year 13.