Introducing the Mathtwitterblogosphere

#MTBOS stands for the Math Twitter Blogosphere. It is the source of much mathematical goodness.

My Twitter handle is ‏@rogonic. I wrote a post some time ago on Twitter for educators.

This page was set up as a resource for teachers who attended my workshop on Improving discussion in maths and stats classes.

Here are some of my favourite sites, and links talked about in the workshop:

Becoming the math teacher you wish you'd had

Tracy Zager has written a wonderful book, called "Becoming the Math Teacher you wish you'd had." We find this book both inspirational and practical. The site has great links also.

Which one doesn't belong (wodb)

Which One Doesn't Belonghas its roots (I think) as a shape book, but has many wide-ranging applications. Basically there are always multiple answers, which makes discussion richer.

An example of "Which one doesn't belong?"

Notice and Wonder

This is a pdf of an explanation of Notice and Wonder,and a challenging problem.

Talk Moves

This one took me a while to find - no one seems to acknowledge its origins. I think this chapterfrom "Using Math talk to help students learn" is the source of the list of five talk moves. There are many many illustrations of these, easily found by Google image search.

A Google Image search on Talk Moves mines a fertile seam

100 questions

I think 100 questions is a bit excessive, but it does have some good ideas.

Fawn Nguyen

Fawn was one of the first #MTBoS ers that I found out about. I love reading her writing, as it is subversive, yet kind. Her blog is called Finding Ways and has an eclectic mix of practical ideas, philosophy and heart. There is a great set of links. Fawn also curates Visual Patterns, which is a wonderful selection of... visual patterns!

Here is an example of a visual pattern

Bobbie Maths

In New Zealand, Bobbie and Jodie Hunter have been encouraging Maths Discussions. This little videogives a summary.

Add your own

I would be delighted to add to this list - either put your favourite source in the comments, or email me with it.