14 January 2013

Assessment – a necessary evil

My northern hemisphere twitter buddies are well into the academic year, and facing the demands of grading, while here in New Zealand we are enjoying the sunshine and trying hard not to think about going back to work. However the teachers of High School statistics in New Zealand are facing (or trying not to) an interesting challenge in the coming year. They are going to have to mark (our word for grade) essays. Eek. One of the main reasons I majored in operations research, and became a mathematics teacher was that I was required neither to write nor grade essays. […]
23 July 2012

Question questions

Ooooh – new data! There is nothing like a new set of data, just sitting there in the computer, all ready for me to clean and graph and analyse and extract its secrets. I know I should be methodical in my approach, but sometimes I feel like a kid at Christmas, metaphorically ripping open the presents as I jump from graph to procedure, and back to graph again. I then have to go back and do it properly, documenting my approach and recording results, but that’s okay too. That can reveal a second lot of wonders as I sift and […]