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A helpful structure for analysing graphs
23 April 2014
Introducing Probability
23 May 2014

This is a short post, sometimes called e-begging!
I had been toying with the idea of a Kickstarter project, as a way for supporters of my work to help us keep going. Kickstarter is a form of crowd-sourcing, which lets a whole lot of people each contribute a little bit to get a project off the ground.
But we don’t really have one big project, but rather a stream of videos and web-posts to support the teaching and learning of statistics. Patreon provides a more incremental way for appreciative fans to support the work of content creators.
You can see a video about it here:

And here is a link to the Patreon page: Link to Patreon
Rather than producing for one big publishing company, who then hold the rights to our material, we would love to keep making our content freely available to all. You can help, with just a few dollars per video.

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  1. asaaki says:

    Hi Dr Nic,
    I have a few questions in understanding/applying multiple regression in the use of a boosting algorithm… I’ve been on this project for almost a month, have the algorithm for implementing it, and have even coded it (to the best of my ability), but I really need some help in interpreting it and confirming I’ve set up the model correctly. Is it possible to get even half an hour of your time to clarify the issues? Or can I somehow email you or chat with you?

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