Dr Nic, Suzy and Gina talk about feelings about Maths

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9 January 2018
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5 February 2018

This hour long conversation gives insights into how three high achieving women feel about mathematics. Nicola, the host, is the author of this blog, and has always had strong affection for mathematics, though this has changed in nature lately. Gina and Suzy are both strongly negative in their feelings about maths. As the discussion progresses, listen for the shift in attitude.
Listen here to the podcast.
And here is a picture of the three of us.

Dr Nic, Gina and Suzy

Dr Nic, Gina and Suzy.

Here are some of the questions we discuss over the hour:

  1. Tell me about your relationship with maths.
  2. How do you think your feelings about maths have affected your life?
  3. If you saw this as an opportunity to talk to people who teach mathematics, what message would you like to give them?
  4. How do you feel about the idea that you could change how you feel about maths?


  1. Nicola Hamon says:

    I stopped maths too Nicola – as a young teenager. Now I know it wasn’t my fault 🙂 The podcast is the most interesting maths conversation I’ve ever listened to. Thank you for talking about your numerical learning experiences.

  2. Nic Watts says:

    Love this!! Totally love your comment about loving maths simply because you were good at it! That was the exact same for me and in my experience now, as a maths teacher, I find it is the same with my students.
    Very interesting hearing you talking about maths trauma as well – definitely see it in a lot of my students coming up from primary/intermediate and it’s often too late to change mindsets.

    • Dr Nic says:

      Thanks for your comment. I really hope it isn’t too late to change mindsets. There is research that even one “aha” moment can help students change the way they see themselves with regard to maths.

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