Creative Maths has a positive impact on learning and teaching mathematics and statistics.

Impact summary


Video views

1907473 reads

Blog reads

55833 accounts

Student and teacher statistics accounts

16959 resources

Learning resources provided

2222 subscribers

Newsletter subscribers

Creative Maths has a positive social impact in the following ways:

Social Enterprise

Creative Maths is a social enterprise. This means profits are reinvested to allow us to develop additional materials and run activities to:

  • Empower all teachers to teach mathematics and statistics,
  • Help students at all levels to learn mathematics and statistics,
  • Provide families fun and educational activities, and
  • Educate citizens about important things like statistics.

  This estimate is based on 10,583,208 YouTube and Vimeo views (with 2,082,408 in the last year), and 89,384 subscribers. These values come from the video hosting sites we use and were last updated August 2021.

 This estimate is based on 1,907,473 blogpost views as reported by WordPress August 2021.

 This estimate is based on sales and giveaways of 2846 physical educational products, 1904 classroom posters and printable resources, and 12209 other free educational resources. These figures were last updated August 2021.

 This value comes directly from our mailing list which had 2,222 subscribers, August 2021.

 These values come directly from our user account system. Over the period we offered this service, we provided 50,742 single-year student accounts and 5091 single-year teacher accounts from 315 schools. These values are inclusive up to December 2020.

 This is a personal estimate based on the approximately 145 professional development sessions we have run up to August 2021.