About Creative Maths

Creative Maths is a social enterprise aiming to have a positive and measurable impact on teaching and learning mathematics and statistics.

To have the greatest social impact we encourage others to support and partner with us.

Creative Maths

Creative Maths supports learning and teaching statistics and mathematics. Creative Maths develops and provides learning and teaching resources for schools and university-level learners. Our resources include videos, our award-winning Dragonistics data cards, online learning, and other physical classroom resources. We also provide professional learning development for teachers and run events for learners.

Creative Maths is a social enterprise that aims to:

  • Empower all teachers to teach statistics,
  • Help students at all levels to learn statistics and mathematics, fostering excitement and discovery,
  • Make statistics accessible to all, so that people may become better informed citizens of the world,
  • Give families fun and educational activities, and
  • Educate citizens about important things.

Creative Maths started producing high quality video and other resources in 2011 and has been helping students learn statistics all over the world ever since.

Put simply, being a social enterprise means profits are reinvested to allow us to develop additional resources and run activities for learners.

Our Impact

Creative Maths is a social enterprise that aims to have a positive and measurable impact on teaching, learning and educating citizens in mathematics and statistics.

Through our activities and resources we have helped millions of people understand mathematics and statistics better, and thousands of people around the world to think again about ways of teaching and learning mathematics and statistics.

About Nic

Nicola Petty (aka Dr Nic)

Dr Nicola Petty is an expert in teaching and learning statistics and operations research. She spent the past 25 years developing online and physical learning resources for primary, secondary and university students. Nicola is a qualified high school mathematics teacher with additional experience teaching innovative primary school mathematics lessons. She has 20 years experience teaching statistics and operations research in innovative ways at the University of Canterbury. This work earned her a university teaching award.

Nicola wrote and developed the 50+ Statistics Learning Centre videos for learning statistics and using mathematics and statistics resources for teaching. She writes a well-respected statistics learning and teaching blog.

Nicola has a strong network with school mathematics teachers and education professionals. Her enthusiasm and charisma make her the obvious choice as front-person for Statistics Learning Centre.

About Shane

Dr Shane Dye has 20 years of experience lecturing operations research and supervising PhD students at the University of Canterbury and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Shane has spent the past 15 years developing online and physical learning resources for primary, secondary and university students. He has expertise in the New Zealand mathematics curriculum and experience running lessons and activities for primary and intermediate school students.

Shane has programming and technical skills developed over many years while researching decision-making under uncertainty for power generation, water resource planning and telecom.He develops and maintains the Statistics Learning Centre IT systems and acts as the technical help-desk support.


How to Support Us

Support us by purchasing our resources and games or by donating to support the free resources we provide (videos, Dr Nic's blog, teaching resources).

Businesses and Other Organisations
Partner with us to bring Rich Maths events to schools.

  • Directly help a local school or support schools that will benefit the most.
    The cost for a 90 minute session is $300 for around 30 children or $450 for around 60 plus travel costs. Talk to us for more detailed costing for a group of schools.

Partner with us to create more Statistics Learning Centre “Dr Nic” videos.

  • Our YouTube channel attracts about one million views each year. Each video costs around $2000 to develop.  Talk to us how how your sponsorship could benefit your business and hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide.

Media and Feedback

Education Gazette

Jaylan Boyle interviewed Dr Nic about Statistics Learning Centre. The article appeared in New Zealand Science Teacher and then in the education supplement to the New Zealand Education Gazette.


  • Maths Team
    Nic organised a fantastic presentation which prompted our staff members to reflect on their own maths practice and confidence. Her extensive knowledge and ability to synthesise the latest research made her talk easy to implement on a practical day to day basis. We have especially enjoyed trying out her maths games and lessons in class.
    Maths Team
    Blockhouse Bay Intermediate
  • Teacher
    I have a year two student who has been struggling with reading, general engagement and math. All of my children have loved the dragon cards but she has adored it. She will sit next to me and I pretend to be too busy to be able to read the sheets or cards, she figures it out and gets really deep in the investigation. She has been teaching other children and asking them really good leading questions. I hear the children saying things like with 25 cards my results were..., what if we had 25 other cards or 50 cards etc It is so exciting!
    Moturoa School
  • Candice Ricketts
    Thank you for being willing to share your methods and explanations. I have taken 3 college level stats courses (2 in undergrad and 1 for my MBA), and this the first time I'm able to truly grasp basic concepts in statistics so that I could explain to someone else. You should teach professors how to teach this subject.
    Candice Ricketts
  • Julie Maxwell
    I thought it went extremely well and that all the teachers enjoyed it and benefited from it. The fact that people stayed so long after was evidence they appreciated the chance to talk together and learn from each other.
    Julie Maxwell
    St Thomas of Canterbury College
  • Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards
    Dragonisitics data cards have engaged all students at all levels of my maths in my classroom. The cards are interesting and have a range of attributes for the students to work with. The subject specific vocabulary that students were able to use when discussing the cards was a huge improvement to what it had been before their use. I highly recommend the use of these cards for posing open ended problems involving statistical data. Students ask to use them, which in years 7 & 8 is huge. They motivate the students to engage in their learning.
    Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards
    Kaitao Middle School
  • Tracey
    Leo loved The Dragon Games and we have been playing it most nights.
  • Vicky Binedell
    The videos are useful for students so that they can access the learning at any time and any place, information sheets are good, quizzes are extremely useful and if used well by students they are an excellent learning tool.
    Vicky Binedell
    St Cuthbert's College
  • Students
    Helpful, well-explained, videos are helpful, good, easy-to-use.
    St Cuthbert's College
  • Stephan Fenris
    Thank you for this video, it gave me the clarity on the subject I was in need of.
    Stephan Fenris
  • Amanda Carter
    It has been a non-gender activity with all the class being involved at different times. It has encouraged multi-level learning and lots of problem-solving and discussions. They have adapted traditional games to the cards and incorporated new games with old.
    Amanda Carter
    Pukekohe Intermediate
  • Crystal Miller
    Very helpful with my statistics class and these concepts.
    Crystal Miller
  • Student
    We feel like we could use Dragon Cards to write stories, maybe using the outcome to base a story on; the attributes of the dragons give them personality.
    St Theresa's School
  • Rajiv Vinay Sagar N
    Why hasn't anybody suggested this channel? This channel is the best statistics channel that have seen so far. I just love the videos...very well explained...
    Rajiv Vinay Sagar N
  • Student
    Dragonistics is cool. It was fun sorting them with their different attributes and stuff
    Kaitao Middle School
  • Teacher
    StatsLC has been a fantastic resource for our students. The material is engaging and also the most up to date of any other resource we use for teaching NCEA L3 Statistics. The boys love doing the quizzes which give clues and comments if they need help and they really enjoy the videos. The written material (especially on 'newer' concepts such as triangular and uniform distributions) is really helpful to both teachers and students. We also use the videos for our Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA students which enjoy and get good understanding from. They make what can be a difficult topic to teach properly, so much easier to understand with simple and fun everyday examples to get points across.
    A Wellington high school
  • Marquerite Way
    Dragonistics cards were an engaging and worthwhile activity for introducing statistics and graphing. The activities that the students participated in were rich and enabled them to work together in class and small group discussions. Key statistical concepts were introduced and reinforced in a simple yet effective manner.
    Marquerite Way
    Ramarama School
  • Teacher
    Thank you for all the wonderful videos you've provided in the Statistics Learning Centre. They come very handy as an introduction to the different Statistics topics and also for emphasising important information for each topic.They are very clear and easy to understand. I use the quizzes as class revision and they do them in groups. They enjoy doing the quizzes in groups because I do it as a competition, whoever gets the highest score wins. I know you still have a lot of ideas to add to Stats LC which will be very helpful tools for teaching Statisitcs. We hope to continue to be part of the Statistics LC's success.
    A Rotorua high school
  • Jim Hesson
    I highly recommend this video. Thank you so much for this simple 4-minute video explaining confidence intervals. Your example was simple and clear, and you explanation was logical, coherent and straightforward. I tried several other sites to learn about this, including Khan Academy, and they were very confusing, and all over the place. Great job!
    Jim Hesson
  • Vicki Hagenaars
    I was really impressed with the detail and quality of the cards when I unwrapped them. They were easy for the students to become familiar with and work with as we went through the activities. The activities themselves are well planned and lead neatly into the each other, at the same time leading the students further into their exploration of statistics without feeling like it is hard work.
    Vicki Hagenaars
    Waiouru School
  • Ameen Ali
    I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. They're all very informative and easy to grasp.
    Ameen Ali
  • Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards
    I will continue to use these dragon cards in my classroom program for the rest of this year and next year too. I can't rate these highly enough.
    Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards
    Kaitao Middle School
  • Teacher
    I got a positive response from my students that they were finding the videos and notes for the Internals very helpful. We will certainly use the quizzes etc for our revision for the final exams next term.
    A Dunedin high school
  • Yvonne Vujcich
    As a teacher StatsLC resources have been very useful to help students understand the key concepts when dealing with statistics. The students find the resources engaging and the site is easy to navigate around. Definitely beneficial for students studying for externals. Thank you StatsLC!
    Yvonne Vujcich
    DP Kaikohe Christian School
  • Julie
    My class (especially the boys) are LOVING this game. The graphics are amazing and the children are having fun and not even realising that they are actually learning.  Highly recommend !!!!
    Year 3 teacher
  • Year 6 student
    It's really fun and cool that it's using maths but you don't really know that it's maths as you are playing.
    Year 6 student
    St Mary's School
  • J.H. van der Zwan
    Great video's on this channel; I'm going to recommend them to my MBA students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
    J.H. van der Zwan
  • Tara Palumbo
    This has been the most helpful video to date. I will be subscribing and am feeling much more optimistic about my stats class (my weakest area). Thank you!!!
    Tara Palumbo
  • Tina Hii
    Thank you so much. You just saved me for my upcoming stats exam.
    Tina Hii
  • Lee Hudson
    Fantastic game, builds solid knowledge and is riveting at the same time. The children loved the game and begged me to play it again the following days. For a resource to be so well loved and liked in a short period of time is fantastic.
    Lee Hudson
    St Joseph's Morrinsville
  • Teacher
    I think the resources are extremely helpful as I am teaching Stats for the first time and need a lot of assistance.
    An Auckland high school
  • Vladimir Hovno
    Great, simple and funny.
    Vladimir Hovno
  • Gisele Gi
    Great explanation, all your videos are really helpful. Go Statistics Learning Centre!! Thanks
    Gisele Gi
  • Teacher
    I think the resources are extremely helpful as I am teaching Stats for the first time and needs lot of assistance. I would however love more worksheets and answers on the external topics. The videos were very helpful.
    An Auckland high school
  • Deween Lojitha
    Thank you so much for the video it was so helpful
    Deween Lojitha
  • Sangar Sdiq
    Guys why don't we just skip hours-long college lectures and learn it all here in 5 minutes? I have community medicine exam on Saturday. Thanks for the help!
    Sangar Sdiq
  • Carmen Quinnell
    Great resource, eye catching graphics that the boys were drawn too
    Carmen Quinnell
    Hawera Intermediate School

Our Sponsors and Supporters

Creative Maths has received support and sponsorship from the following organisations.

Unlocking Curious Minds funded our Rich Maths events in 2017. We visited 30 rural schools in Canterbury and the West Coast engaging children in mathematics and encouraging teachers.

Ākina Foundation has provided training and continue to support our social enterprise.

Contact Us

You can contact Creative Maths by email to: info@CreativeMaths.net

You can call Dr Nic directly on: 0276987392 (NZ) 
Or, Shane at the Helpdesk on: 0212683529 (NZ)

Our postal address is:
Creative Maths
PO Box 17
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